Drone Pilot Training
RPAS (Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems)

In association with NATS (National Air Traffic Systems).  The RPAS training is designed to enable novices and experts, as well as small and large businesses alike, to obtain Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permissions or exemptions for commercial RPAS operations.

This comprehensive course covers the essential knowledge required to safely operate RPAS. Instruction is provided by Air Traffic Control (ATC) professionals with comprehensive operational RPAS experience and is designed to facilitate a ‘tailored’ training approach.

The course will feature classroom based instruction alongside face-to-face practical guidance and examination. Topics covered include:

  •  Aviation Law
  • Meteorological Studies
  • Navigation Studies (inc. practical application)
  • The principles of flight
  • RPAS best practices
  • Human factors
  • Operations Manual/Operating Safety Case (OSC) Completion
  • Practical Assessment
  • Multi-rotor/Fixed-wing

Successful course completion will involve:

  • Passing the NATS RPAS theory examination
  • Passing the NATS RPAS flying assessment
  • Operations Manual/OSC review

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